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Welcome to AdventureSCUBA!

     I've got a secret and I generally like to keep secrets...

     well secret, but if you promise not to tell anyone!

     With short-wearing weather 333 days each year, more

     wrecks than any place on the planet, easy access to the

     Florida Keys and the islands of the Caribbean, and

     numerous topside activities to experience...

               ...I'd like to welcome you to my SOUTH FLORIDA backyard!

 AdventureSCUBA's Dive Plans

      Our goal at AdventureScuba is to get divers 

      together to share underwater experiences in

      South Florida, the Florida Keys, and the islands of the 

      Caribbean (and dive sites worldwide) to

      share dive stories (some true, some false, most embellished)

      with friends during post-dive narcosis

      at a local watering hole!

AdventureScuba provides extraordinary underwater experiences in South Florida, the Florida Keys, the islands of the Caribbean and dive destinations worldwide. Experience some of the most unique underwater adventures - shark diving, endangered species encounters, historic shipwrecks, wildlife encounters not normally witnessed, sleep in a glass undersea hotel, get married underwater or explore some of the most beautiful sights around the world! These experiences across the globe not only give ocean lovers unique insight to the undersea world, but they also present the ocean environment from an entirely new perspective. Enjoy these underwater experiences for an incredibly unique adventure.


Adventure Oceanic Initiatives supports several non-profit organizations to provide consultation, operational execution, media exposure and fund-raising to benefit military veterans, environmental causes, oceanic initiatives, and marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation. These non-profit organizations are passionate about and committed to their causes with volunteers that are recruited and engaged to help when and where needed. And because volunteers are often donors as well, opportunities are provided to make it easy for contributions of their time and money. Our local, international and global partners are connected with students, youths, executives, professionals, and retirees for volunteer opportunities, such as…


  • Artificial Reef International Preservation Trust promotes the creation of artificial reefs using ships and other substrate for environmental, research, education and economic benefit

  • History of Diving Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, displaying and interpreting artifacts, antiques, documents, photographs and oral history relative to the history of diving

  • Sharks4Kids creates the next generation of shark advocates through education, outreach and adventure

  • Veteran Ocean Adventures provides veterans the opportunity to experience the healing power of water with sailing, diving and kayaking adventures

  • Reef Renewal protects and restores coral reefs by developing new and innovative ways to restore reefs that are supported by research collaborations and shared worldwide

  • Reef Environmental Education Foundation protects biodiversity and ocean life by engaging the public through citizen science, education, and partnerships with the scientific community

  • Marine Mammal Conservancy provides professional and effective response and care for stranded marine mammals

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